Faculty/Staff Giving


Why should I give?

Giving back to McNeese is an opportunity to support higher education, our students, our faculty and staff and, ultimately, our community.

How may I give?
Contributions may be made through payroll deduction, cash, check or credit card and made at designated
intervals or one-time payments.
Click here to select the option that meets your needs. Simply complete the form and return it to:  McNeese Foundation, Box 91989, Lake Charles, LA 70609,
or you may drop the form off in the Burton Business Center, Room 439.

How much of my donation is spent on overhead?

Zero. Zilch. Nadda. Nothing. The truth is that 100 percent of your donation to the McNeese Foundation is allocated directly to the area of interest that you specify.

Foundation staff are state employees like the majority of university personnel. The Foundation's governing body is a volunteer board of directors, and administrative and operational expenses are funded from interest earned from investments and undedicated contributions.


Is my gift considered tax deductible?

The McNeese Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; therefore, most donations are considered tax deductible. Exceptions would include contributions for athletic memberships (Cowboy Club, Quarterback Club, etc.), and Rouge et Blanc and Banners Cultural Series tickets. With regard to athletic tradition funds, only a portion of the monies are considered tax deductible.

As with all donations, consult your tax advisor to determine the eligibility of deductions.

What do my peers say about why they give?

"Education is the key for a meaningful goal in the future not only for an individual but for the generations to come. I have seen my parents working hard for my college education. I hope my small contribution will help some students to achieve their goals in life and in turn will provide a positive change in our society."

"I started payroll deduction in support of the Foundation when I was first employed at McNeese. Personally supporting the McNeese Foundation gives me an added measure of credibility when I approach prospective donors with requests to fund programs and initiatives in my department. If I expect them to invest in McNeese, then I should certainly lead by example and invest in McNeese, too.

"I give to McNeese in thanksgiving for the education I have been blessed to receive. I give through a one-time annual donation. Using that method, my spouse's employer will match my donation one-to-one. I have a five-year plan where I will build a $20,000 endowed scholarship named in tribute to my father.



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